Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Post of Things to Come

For better or for worse, I now have a blog

Well hello, Internet, welcome to my blog, a place where I've come to express my thoughts, opinions, and perhaps other things I find interesting. But first, here are a few things about me:

I am an aspiring screenwriter, but crippled but a huge lack of motivation. I have several projects I'm working on (which I'll come to later), however. Science Fiction is my first, and greatest, love, and if had to choose between Star Wars and Doctor Who, I'd agonise for hours, before choosing Doctor Who. I take a big interest in history, philosophy, and politics, probably making me the most boring person to grace to the blogoshpere. But hey ho. 

So, I'm sure you're looking for a reason to stick around here. Well, on Tuesday, I will be posting my review of Oz The Great and Powerful, and on Wednesday, I'll review Trance, Danny Boyle's latest venture into cinema. Also, I'll be reviewing this weeks episode of Doctor Who, and be making that a weekly. There will also be other musings, thoughts and reviews on other books and TV, as well as comments on news. 

What's more, here's a list of script projects I'm working on:
>The Phantom Menace: Reimagined
>Wonder Woman
>Skulduggery Pleasant - adaptation for screen
>Doctor Who: Teleforce (for a live action fan-series)

So, that's it, for the moment. I hope you enjoy your time on this blog, and have as much fun as I will.     


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